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Fun Facts About Australia: They Get More Snow Than Switzerland

Australia snowAustralia snow
Australia snowAustralia snow


Fun Facts About Australia: They Get More Snow Than Switzerland

Australia is a country that most people find to be a little bit odd, as a result there are a lot of facts about Australia that most people find to be fun. One of the most interesting is that it snows in Australia. Not only does it snow but they actually get more snow than Switzerland does in an average year.

This is a fact about Australia that shocks most people who never think about it snowing in Australia but the fact remains that it does. Obviously the whole continent does not get huge amounts of snow fall but there are areas that get a great deal. These areas are in the mountains, another fact that surprises a lot of people who think of the continent as being very flat.

There are in fact mountains in Australia, while they are not particularly high by the standards that you would find in other countries they do really stand out because the rest of the continent is so flat. The highest peaks are around six thousand feet in height which is plenty high enough to get snow fall in winter. The largest mountain range on the continent is referred to as the Australian Alps and is located near the Capital Region.

Switzerland of course also has mountains, and a lot more of them than Australia which raises the question of how it is possible for Australia to get more snow? The answer is that the mountains in Australia are located near to the coast while Switzerland is a landlocked country. Coastal regions will always get more precipitation than inland regions and if it is cold enough it will fall as snow. In the mountains of Australia it does get cold enough and as a result a great deal of snow falls.

While most people are surprised to learn that it snows in Australia the people who live there are well aware of it, even if it does not affect their daily lives. Skiing has become a very popular sport in the country over the last few years and a number of resorts have been built. As these resorts start to attract more and more foreign tourists who are looking for a place to ski during the summer months at home the amount of snow that Australia gets will probably become more widely known. For now however it remains a fun fact that you can share with your friends.

There are a lot more fun facts about Australia [http://mygreataustralianholidays.info/fun-facts-about-australia] when it comes to geography. As a continent that is isolated from the rest of the world it has tended to develop a unique character, a fact that is represented in the Australia flag [http://mygreataustralianholidays.info/australian-flag].

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Australia snow