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Romantic ideas for your honeymoon in Mauritius

Mauritius - honeymoonMauritius - honeymoon
Mauritius - honeymoonMauritius - honeymoon


Romantic ideas for your honeymoon in Mauritius

Are you planning a honeymoon in Mauritius? Well, you are choosing one of the best destinations to celebrate your union. Mauritius isn’t known as the “paradise island” for nothing. No, this is a desirable location for newlyweds, mainly because of all the fun and intimate things to do in Mauritius. When travelling to Mauritius with your significant other, both of you can get time to unwind, connect and enjoy the new path your relationship has taken. To find out what you and significant other can do while on honeymoon in Mauritius, read these ideas below.


Enjoy dinner on the beautiful beaches

Mauritius has a few of the most breathtaking beaches. With its clear ocean water, Mauritius beaches are guaranteed to give you and your spouse an incredible time, filled with amazing memories. A popular place where honeymooners go is the Ile Aux Cerfs. The island is located off the East Coast and is known for being a treasure island, because of its sandy beaches, palm trees and clear water. On your mini getaway to Ile Aux Cerfs, you and your life partner can enjoy a picnic  together on the beach or go parasailing. If you don’t feel like bringing your own food, then there are restaurants nearby that will offer you a spectacular view and food rich in exotic flavours.


Try scuba diving with your partner

As you may now, beaches in Mauritius aren’t only for sipping cocktails and sunbathing. You can also try out some fun outdoor activities, so if you’re obsessed with marine life, then this is the ideal destination for you. Mauritius has been declared a top diving spot in the Indian Ocean. So, when travelling to Mauritius as honeymooners, you get to experience all the magnificent species of the coral reef and the marine life. To top it off, you can also enjoy the dolphins and whales experience.


Visit the Grand Bassin

Grand Bassin, also known as the Ganga Talao, is a lake situated in the mountains of the island. Not only is this lake breathtaking, but it is also sacred to the Hindu culture. Hindus believe that the lake was created when Shiva spilt drops of water from the Ganges River of India. The lake is enclosed with statues of gods and Hindu temples, possessing bright colours. This is the perfect place for couples to spend their afternoon. You and your loved one can take romantic strolls around the lake till you reach the top of the peak, where you can see the breathtaking view. If you travel between the end of February and the beginning of March, you get to see Hindu festivals as they celebrate this sacred place.


Go parasailing with your partner

Seek adventure with your spouse with parasailing. This activity offers you and your better half a chance to see Mauritius’s stunning lagoons and beaches from a birds-eye view. For parasailing, there are only three locations you can choose from; Grand Baie, Belle Mare, and Trou D’eau.


A romantic car drive

Car rides are notorious in the romance department, so why not do it while you’re on honeymoon. Driving off into the sunset gives you a chance to talk and reconnect where it’s only the two of you. In Mauritius, you can rent out a car for a day and just drive along the coastal line, see the sugarcane plantation, the city centre and markets with your significant other. There truly is no better feeling than driving around an island with your better half.


Have a spa day

Going for a spa treatment in Mauritius is one of the top five things you need to do. The resorts in Mauritius offer you a variety of therapeutic spas, with an Indian, African, European, and Chinese influence. You and your significant other can enjoy a few hours of pure bliss at one of the resorts, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready to take on marriage.


Final thoughts

There truly is no better way to start this chapter of your life than spending your honeymoon on an island. Going to an island is the perfect getaway, as it gives you time to move away from the crowded city life. And in this case, you get to enjoy the different atmosphere with the person you love. You get to stay near the beach, wake up to the sound of the waves and smell the ocean. And, you and your life partner get to spend time in tranquillity, explore a different culture, and see the beautiful landscape and wildlife. That truly is a dream honeymoon.

Mauritius - honeymoon