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Your guide to safer shopping during the Coronavirus pandemic

safer shopping - Coronavirus pandemicsafer shopping - Coronavirus pandemic
safer shopping - Coronavirus pandemicsafer shopping - Coronavirus pandemic

Your guide to safer shopping during the Coronavirus pandemic

With the lockdown in full swing, buying grocery and household essentials can be a little bit challenging. On the one side, you know and understand the importance of practising social distance. But, on the other hand, you also need the necessities for you and your family to survive.

To say that the Coronavirus pandemic put us in a sticky situation would be putting it lightly. But, as chaotic as things have been, there are safety measures put in place by shopping malls in Cape Town. And, there are safety measures you can practice as a consumer. To make your next trip to the store a safe one, read our tips down below.


Keep your distance

When possible, try and distance yourself from other consumers and store staff. This will help you to avoid being in close proximity to others,  increasing your chances of catching the virus. The first and an important tip for safe shopping in Cape Town during this pandemic is to stay at least one meter away from the next person. And, remember that you need to be patient during this time. There will be other consumers who are also stocking up on supplies. If you see someone taking an item, rather wait your turn than touch hands for the same item. This will also limit the amount of human contact you have during your trip. When you do come in contact with someone, avoid touching your nose, mouth, and eyes until you have washed or sanitised your hands. Most stores in South Africa offer hand sanitiser, as well as disinfectant wipes for trollies. When you walk into a store, make sure you wipe the trolley’s handle and use the hand sanitiser that has been provided.


Know what you need before going to the store

Not only is this a 101 personal budgeting tip, but during this pandemic, you need to go to a store knowing exactly what you need. Do not walk in and think about what is missing from your pantry. Rather take a look before you go to a grocery store in Cape Town. Make sure you have a to-buy list on you. This will ensure your trip to the store is short and efficient so that you can go back home. This also means that you should not stockpile. There will be sufficient food if everyone stays calm and buys what they need. Stockpiling will not help you, and in trying times like these, it's important to be considerate of the next person.


Start using delivery apps

COVID19 has forced many businesses to think outside the box. This is why many have decided to sell their products online and incorporate a delivery option. And, if you have the chance or option, then use it. This is one of the best tips for safe shopping as you won’t come into contact with a large group of people. But, if what you need is essential and there is no delivery option, it’s okay to go to a store near you.


Be considerate at all times

This is a tough time for everyone, and to flatten the curve, everyone needs to work together. And, by working together, it means being considerate of those around you. Be thoughtful of the workers who are on the frontline every day so that you can safely shop during this 21-day lockdown. If you feel ill, you should stay indoors while someone else gets their groceries.


Wash your hands when you get home

When you arrive home from completing your grocery shopping, do not forget to wash your hands for the recommended 20 seconds. While you’re at it, make sure you disinfect the products you bought at the store before placing them on your kitchen shelves. The virus stays on surfaces for several hours, so you need to disinfect the products so they don’t retain the virus, and clean your surfaces. Those surfaces include your door and cupboard handles, kitchen tops and any surface you may have touched after your trip to the store.


Final thoughts

This is a difficult period for everyone, but if you work together,  people will be safer, and we can survive this pandemic together. So, remember: take proper precautions, do not stockpile, stay home if you're sick and say "please" and "thank you" to the staff helping you in-store.


safer shopping - Coronavirus pandemic