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Thinking of Visiting Northern Ireland?

Visiting Northern IrelandVisiting Northern Ireland
Visiting Northern IrelandVisiting Northern Ireland


Thinking of Visiting Northern Ireland?

Holidaying in Northern Ireland - Hills, lakes and pretty much everything else!

The moment you set your foot on Ireland, you would be greeted by one word - Diversity! And Northern Ireland, is possibly the best testimonial to this. All the more reasons why holidaying in Northern Ireland can be a fun affair for sure.

Places you must visit during your holidaying in Northern Ireland

Belfast, Downpatrick (Known as Dun Padraig to the locals) and Armagh should ideally be your first stops in your trip to this lovely country.

Belfast, the capital city, resembles a very peaceful look today, which is quite the opposite of what has been happening in this city in the past. Being the political epicenter of Northern Ireland, Belfast has had its share of troubles, all of which seem non-existent today, and what you have in Belfast today is an assortment of restaurants, cafes, pubs and other places of interests.

23 miles down south of Belfast, you must visit Downpatrick during your holiday. This place is one of the most well preserved historical sites in this part of the world. In Downpatrick, don't miss visiting the Hill of Down, a place famous for St. Patrick's arrival.

Armagh, better known as Irish Rome to quite a few, is an absolute mix of cathedrals, museums and a planetarium. Armagh's history is rich and importantly, it is still regarded to be the seat of the Protestant Church of Archbishop of Armagh of Ireland.

Booking your holiday in Northern Ireland - Time matters

If you to explore all what the country has to offer you, choosing the time to visit may count a lot! Though, the weather during July and August is considered to be most conducive for tourism, this is the time when hotel rates could be sky high. You could plan your holidaying in Northern Ireland in the months of June and September, as during these months, the weather is comfortable and the rates too are not that expensive.

The Giant's Causeway, County Fermanagh and Cave Hill Country Park offer you the diversity that you so much came to Ireland for. While County Fermanagh is known for its lakes and rivers, the Cave Hill Country Park talks a lot of Cave Hill, the largest of hills surrounding Belfast.

If you wish your holiday here to be an absolute breeze, all you got to do is book a car that will take you around to different places of interest. All in all - holidaying in Northern Ireland is all about how much fun you can have in this part of the world.

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Visiting Northern Ireland