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How women in leadership positions can empower women empowerment in the workplace

women empowerment - south-africa-info.co.zawomen empowerment - south-africa-info.co.za
women empowerment - south-africa-info.co.zawomen empowerment - south-africa-info.co.za

How women in leadership positions can empower women empowerment in the workplace

Throughout history, women have always been seen as inferior when compared to their male counterparts. And, although strides for women empowerment and equality are visible now more than ever, South Africa, just like most parts of the world, still has a long way to go. This is especially the case in digital, as being a woman in technology is difficult as they are still underrepresented.

According to this article, “women currently hold 19 percent of tech-related jobs at the top 10 global tech companies, relative to men who hold 81 percent. In leadership positions at these global tech giants, women make up 28 percent, with men representing 72 percent.”

This goes to show that there is still a divide in South Africa between men and women, and unless gender equality in education and in organisations is made a priority, nothing will change.

One way organisations can help bring about social change is by creating a space where women helping other women is the norm. A space that is safe and allows women to be their full selves in the workspace. Until that space has been created, the divide between men and women will continue to grow. To build a community that is proactive and strives for women empowerment, read below.

Share opportunities with other women

To achieve a workforce that empowers women, women need to support and share opportunities amongst themselves. Sharing opportunities, whether it is through skills development or a job position, can be helpful in empowering the women around you. And by keeping communication channels open, it gives a form of transparency for women to be able to progress in their careers.

Speak up for yourself and other women

The saying “communication is key” works in all spheres of your life. As a woman who has some form of privilege, compared to the other women in your team, learn to use that to your advantage. Your voice has the power to speak up for women and create change within the workspace. If you see any form of discrimination in the workspace, and you know that you have the ability to make a change or raise the issue, be the one to try and speak up. This is not to say all the issues you bring up will be addressed, but there is a possibility people will listen to you. By using your platform, you are giving other women the motivation to do the same. Or you can become the voice for the others around you.

Share uplifting stories amongst each other

Your employees or team members look up to you as a woman in a leadership role. Many may not have grown up in an environment where women in your positions could be a reality. This can often make certain goals seem unattainable until there are conversations around them. So, set up women empowerment programmes where you bring yourself, and guest speakers to talk about their life story and how they managed to get where they are in their careers. This will show the young women, whether interns or permanent staff, that it is achievable and it can be what their future looks like.

Form a community

As a minority in the workplace, there will be times where you feel alone. Creating a like-minded community with people like yourself; one where you can share stories and opportunities can help fuel women empowerment within the organisation. This needs to be with women in all roles in the company. Feeling like a unit can help you bring about change when it’s needed, as no one will feel alone. Being part of a community can also help educate you on issues you don’t know. Helping you become a better leader who fully understands what women in all spheres are going through.

As a leader who is a woman, you need to be fully rounded and understand the pain points of other women who aren’t in the same position as you. This is when you will be able to make a seeable change within the organisation.

Final thoughts

Digital transformation needs to be in line with gender equality.

Women are more than capable of doing any type of work they put their minds to. And as a leader, you can make that a reality for those who work with you. Technology has changed women’s lives as they are now able to see what they can do. Whether it’s through social media or webinars that have women at the forefront, taking charge of their careers and lives. The digital world has given people access to show them what can be done by both women and men. But, it is up to leaders to work together and ensure that gender equality becomes a norm within organisations in South Africa.

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