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World Travel Information Directory

World Travel Information Directory

Whether you are planning a relaxing trip to South Africa, a wild adventure in Tanzania, a desert experience in Namibia, kite surfing in Mozambique or simply planning for your future travels, the World Travel Directory will provide you with information on various countries, activities, attractions, restaurants, accommodation and businesses around the world.  You also have the opportunity to add your own free business listing, wherever you are.

Travelling and connecting with various countries is now much easier than it once was.  Each year brings with it newer technology, aeroplanes and other means of transport. 

All that a tourist requires is the detailed information on the country they are going to be touring - which we hope you will find on this website.

Some Information and Guidance when travelling:

  • When booking to travel to another country make sure you enquire as to whether you need a visa for that country and also whether you need any vaccinations. 
  • We recommend you have international health insurance, so that no matter where you are, you can get medical help or be evacuated if necessary.
  • Plan ahead to get the correct currency of your destination country.  Although Travellers Cheques are safe, they may be hard to cash in smaller countries.
  • When travelling with children we advise that you take along a first aid box, especially in the third world countries where medical help and/or advice is not always available.

Whether you are off on an adventure, watching the birds, shopping, Game viewing, relaxing, honeymooning, hiking or on a business trip, World-Travel-Info.net will give you all the advice, guidance and accommodation options you need to make planning your trip as informative as possible.

World Travel Information DirectoryWorld Travel Information DirectoryWorld Travel Information DirectoryWorld Travel Information DirectoryWorld Travel Information DirectoryWorld Travel Information Directory